What is the simulation level of CAP2?
Bridging the gap between arcade and hardcore simulation, you wont need a 300 page manual to get off the ground, nor will you be carrying dozens of missiles when you fire up CAP2. 

What are the system requirements for CAP2?
You can check out the system requirements at the bottom on the homepage

Will you be adding other aircraft?
This is a popular question, our current thinking is to perhaps consider this as DLC after we've transitioned to full release.

What hardware/controllers does CAP2 support?
Flightstick, HOTAS, rudder and MFD panel support, gamepad mode, TrackIR  and wide screen aspect ratios.

Why the Harrier?
Because it's awesome! Iconic, versatile, battle proven in the Gulf War in operation Iraqi freedom, fun to fly, VTOL, plus it does things other planes can't do. - why not?!

What engine does CAP2 use?
A custom one!  See this  dev blog post we wrote way back prior to Early Access launch: 

Will you be increasing the price of CAP2?
Yes, we plan to gradually raise the price as we add new content and features.

How come VR support came so early?
We had a feeling CAP2 would be pretty cool in VR so we started it early in our development cycle. This helped us get a foothold and gain some traction with parts of the sim community and media, important for an EA title.  Its also 'queezy' work and we are a small team, starting early allowed us to spread the development out over a number of months and still deliver it in-game relitively quickly after launch.  CAP2 supports Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Open VR compatible headsets.

Does CAP2 support TrackIR?

​​Is CAP to based on the real world?
Yes, CAP2 uses both satellite imagery and OpenStreetMap data (buildings, vegetation, roads, rail, ports etc) to provide a world which is 100% based on reality.  

Will CAP2 be multi-player?
Yes, MP will be enabled during Early Access.  You can check out the various planned multi-player scenarios in the features section.

Did you write Combat Air Patrol back in the 90's?
Yup! Ed Scio wrote CAP in 1993, here's a quick note:
'developed a 3D engine in 68k assembler as we didn’t have GPU’s. With a CPU running just over 7Mhz you could see the impact of just a few extra polygons. Now we’re pushing millions of polygons per frame we can draw pretty much anything we want. Terrain in CAP was limited to a few blue water polygons! Reference material was harder to come by, back in the 90’s I wrote to the DoD asking for material on CVN-71 and actually received info & pictures a few weeks later.  Thank goodness for google!

Who sings that song?
That's an awesome song called 4,2,1 which is by a band called Frozen Rope. They are old friends of ours but sadly they've split up, we think they should get back together.

What does Sim155 mean?
We're sure you can guess the 'Sim' part - we're located at 1 west, 55 north so we chose 'SIM155'. Actually we're nearer 1w54n but 'SIM154' didn't quite cut it :)

When will CAP2 transition to full release?
We are progressing well towards v1 although the time that takes is largely dependent on EA feedback. We are working as quickly as we can, but we will take our time to ensure we deliver the best possible flight sim experience.
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